Welcome to Schoep’s Ice Cream!

Schoep’s Ice Cream is a family owned and operated company with roots dating back to 1928.  For more than 90 years, we have taken great pride in making the best quality ice cream, novelties, and sherbet for you and your family to enjoy.

Go ahead….Serve It, You Deserve it!

Featured Flavor

Sea Salt Caramel

Introducing Schoep’s Sea Salt Caramel!

First, we created a brand new salted caramel flavored ice cream, using the same creamy goodness of all our vanilla ice cream, then we went one step further and swirled in ribbons of creamy caramel to make a scrumptious, satisfying taste sensation.  Either as a dessert, afternoon treat, or evening reward, Schoep’s Sea Salt Caramel is going to ‘hit the spot.’

Go ahead, Serve It, You Deserve It!

Our Products

With a wide range, and ever expanding lineup of delicious ice creams, sherbets, and novelty treats, we want you to experience a variety of flavors, products and treats that satisfy your taste buds, soothe your sweet-tooth desires, and bring a smile to your face. After all, what’s ice cream without smiles?

Our Commitment

Schoep’s Ice Cream is family owned and has been for generations. From our early beginnings, our commitment to quality has been our top priority.  It all starts with our partners on the dairy farm who every day bring us the milk and cream to make our delicious products.  We  make some of the best ice cream products because we start with the best milk in the country from right here in Wisconsin, the Dairy State.  Throughout our entire process we monitor, test, and taste our products to ensure our exacting standards are met. The reason is simple: we want you, our customer, to have the most enjoyable ice cream experience whether you have a scoop, a cone, or a dish in front of you.


Our Story

A man, an idea, and one simple, hand-operated ice cream maker (capacity, one gallon)…that comprised the entire ice cream operation in 1928 when E.J. Schoephoester started making ice cream in the back of his Madison, Wisconsin grocery store. Beginning with that single hand-cranked freezer, he churned away laboriously until the rock salt was melted and the cream so thick he could barely turn the crank.  This is how he began to develop the distinctive Schoep’s Ice Cream flavor and quality which has been justly famous to this day.