Our History


E.J. Schoephoester started making ice cream in the back of his Madison, Wisconsin grocery store with a single hand cranked freezer.


P.B. Thomsen, a well-known butter maker from Windsor, Wisconsin, bought into the company. With a renewed focus on the company and products, Thomsen began wholesaling ice cream to ice cream parlors and other stores in 2-1/2 gallon containers and the rest, as they say, is history.


Schoep’s developed and introduced the “Home Pak” half-gallon line of take-home cartons. This innovative package quickly became quite popular to ice cream lovers and helped expand sales beyond Madison, and throughout the Midwest.


Schoep’s Ice Cream acquired the ice cream businesses of various dairy companies in Wisconsin. These efforts helped increase the popularity of Schoep’s Ice Cream and their products and the brand continued to grow.


The East Madison neighborhood sprouts up around the Scheop’s Ice Cream plant on Division Street.


Schoep’s Ice Cream develops a full line of flavors and package sizes, including a line of sherbets, low-fat ice creams, and even a frozen yogurt.


The company develops the Big Event line of frozen novelties that includes treats like fudge bars and ice cream sandwiches.


Schoep’s Ice Cream expands to a state of the art facility distribution facility on Manufacturers Drive in Madison.


Schoep’s Ice Cream produced over 12 million gallons of ice cream and ranks as one of the largest independent ice cream manufacturers not only in the United States.


Schoep’s Ice Cream is acquired, reorganized and refreshed by another independent ice cream family, The Winklers, owners and founders of Brothers Desserts (established in 1973). The new owners are committed to Schoep’s Ice Cream, the Schoep’s Team, Schoep’s loyal customers, Madison Wisconsin, the environment and the community at large. The Winklers are excited to grow Schoep’s Ice Cream and steward it into the next generation.