A New Beginning

Schoep’s Ice Cream has been a Wisconsin favorite for over 93 years. Four generations of independent family ownership guided the company through World War II, the moon landing and into modernity. However, 2019 was a historically difficult year for the company. Schoep’s was burdened by massive debt and ultimately went under receivership. It was on its last legs gasping for air. But the universe works in mysterious ways. Right before the dissolution of the company another independent ice cream family saved Schoep’s from the void.

The Winkler Family came in with almost 50 years of independent ice cream experience and a new sense of vigor. They understood the importance of a brand’s heritage, the community, its team members, buyers and customers. Armed with this knowledge, they proclaimed, “Schoep’s Ice Cream isn’t going anywhere! We’re here to stay! We’re here to celebrate our heritage, celebrate Wisconsin, celebrate good jobs and eat delicious ice cream.”

Our Commitment

For over 90 years Schoep’s has been in the smile game. We love seeing moms, dads, kids, aunts, uncles, grand parents and just about everyone smiling. And people LOVE to smile while eating Schoep’s Ice Cream. Our pledge to you is to continue making the highest quality products with the best ingredients to keep you smiling.